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Global World Delivery operates smart globally integrated supply chains. We combine origin and destination logistics solutions with transportation services across all modes and regions of the world.
Global World Delivery is the Go – To – Global Supply Chain Specialist for companies across all economic value chain. We have honed our expertise with years of experience creating customized solutions that meet the ever evolving supply chain challenges of our clients.
Global World Delivery was established in 2009 as a courier arm of Postal Service following the decision of the universal postal union(UPU) at its congress in London, USA, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Russia, Spain and west Africa for member-countries to set up courier service as a direct response to the incursion of private courier companies into the traditional domain of the post...

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Our Services

Our framework is easy to understand, our cutting edge bundle innovation, you need no preparation before utilizing any of our highlights.

Freight Forwarding

Global World Delivery partners with Aero Contractors to afford you unbeatable, speedy, convenient and safe air freight cargo delivery to all parts of the world.

Packaging & Storage

We engage in warehousing and storage facilities for general merchandies, we generally handle cargo by storing.

Shipment Tracking

We deliver, you track your consignment with our high tech tracking system

Global World Delivery

We offer Various Features to get you covered

Excess Baggage

Global World Delivery is there to cater those trips that excess luggage and excess baggage is an unavoidable dilemma. We deliver exactly to anywhere in the world.

Supply Chain

Global World Delivery is a global professional services firm that helps UK's top brands optimize their distribution operations for competitive advantage.

Safe & Secure Delivery

We are leading air freight service provider with high performance standards and the flexibility to meet your changing needs.

We offers shippments everywhere, we convey Across the globe.

Get one step ahead of your competition and reaching your customers with the strength of Global World Delivery network.

Our Frieghts and Shipments Methods

Know our kinds of Shipments method

Ground Shipping

Road Cargo services Across the nation.

Ocean Freight

Ocean benefits that envelop the entire globe for LCL.

Air Freight

Airship cargo benefits that incorporate the entire globe.

We are specialist in truck loading and cargo delivery in time.

Global World Delivery stands at the forefront of industry innovation. Our expert knowledge, integrated solution technology and global capabilities enables our clients to achieve maximum efficiency when dealing with the movement of their valuable assets.

Client’s Reviews

Who are in extremely love with our system.

Julia Anderson

Regarding logistics fastness, Citi Express is the best for me.

Hilda Lane

i got my business goods shiped to west Africa at low cost. Thank you Citi Express Courier

Andre Hiquain

Storage and Packaging is what i love most about Citi Express

Fast Delevery

We are the quickest conveyance organization. with our cutting edge frieghts we can convey on schedule.

Global delivery

Global World Delivery offers shipments everywhere throughout the world, we convey Across the globe.

24/7 Support

We have backup client assistance support, you can contact us whenever. we anticipate get notification from you.